Internships with maurice Small

Individual and Family Internships

Why Interns? 

So glad that you asked... It is about unbreaking the circle and repairing the connection between generations so that the knowledge of natural systems that allows us to feed ourselves is shared and passed on to the next generations. Maurice has worked intensively and wholeheartedly with more than 400 interns over the years. 

Students of all ages have experienced Maurice's unique, hands-on training methods in support of their goals for connecting more deeply and productively with the earth. Maurice's interns are now creating change that is influenced by their time with one of the most important organic change-makers of our time. 

Individual Internships are designed for students, career-changers and folks who are looking to apprentice with a master farmer and visionary.

Family Internships are a unique experience designed for families to grow together and implement organic farming, environmentally sound homestead principals, permaculture systems and high quality cooking into their daily home life. The entire family works with Maurice so that every member can contribute and grow along with their food.

Interested in serving as an intern with Maurice? Apply via this online interest application.

"Maurice absolutely changed my life. He's magical. I wish I still lived close and we could work more closely. I can't think of anyone who's doing more important work with more vision and integrity." 
- MacKenzie Brown, Intern, 2010-2011
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