Daniel Brown


Current place of residence

Cleveland, OH


What is your current occupation/work?

Co-Founder of Rust Belt Riders an organic waste hauling solution for Northeast Ohio businesses, schools, and institutions. Our work aims to create wealth from waste while advancing local food systems.


When and where did you work with Maurice and for how long?

Cleveland, 2010 (1 year)


What kind of work did you do when you worked with Maurice?

We worked on policy, community training, garden preparation, local food procurement, education, and composting.


What kind of growth/transformation happened for you (and/or for the people you served) because of your work with Maurice?

Maurice offered a perspective on the urban agricultural movement that was missing in my work. We discussed issues of justice, race, privilege, and economics as it relates to food systems. Our conversations, meals and work together allowed me to better understand the role that I can play in this work and how we can empower communities through a wide variety of outlets.


How has working with Maurice benefitted you and/or uplifted you?

I would not be doing this work if not for Maurice. He is the person who got me passionate about food in all of its forms as an instrument for social change, environmental justice, and community building.


What would you say to someone who is interested in working with Maurice in the future?

Do it, and do it now. Treasure every moment you have with this man. He is full of knowledge and insight and is eager to share his experiences and stories.


Memories and Stories

The first time I met Maurice he came to Chicago to speak at a conference I had organized. I remember him turning to me halfway through the conference and said "This is a success because of your work, be proud" and it is this warm, supportive and nurturing spirit that I try to carry with me in my work daily.


A Few Words…

Maurice has played a role in the establishment of food systems in Northeast Ohio far beyond most peoples understanding and long before it was fashionable or trendy to even care about local or organic foods. Northeast Ohio is now viewed as a national leader for local food production and I can only imagine how many people Maurice has touched through his work.