Professional SERVICES: 

working with maurice Small


  • Youth - without young people, none of this work matters
  • Soil - life is soil, soil is life
  • Food - everyone eats food
  • Sustainability - the work must continue


Speaking Engagements - 

  • Keynote Addresses
  • Inspired to Act - conversations that lead to positive action
  • Hands-on Workshops - permaculture techniques, market garden training, farming practices, composting techniques, urban/rural food system strategies, planting cycles and techniques, business model development
  • Classes - designed to serve your audience (children - adults)
  • Residencies - a series of workshops/trainings designed to meet your needs/the needs of your community

Master Classes - Maurice can train, teach and lead a group to a deeper understanding of the following:

  • organic growing practices,
  • permaculture principals and implementation,
  • community building around food access,
  • food system creation and sustainability,
  • market gardener training,
  • cooking for teens and adults,
  • youth programming,
  • vermicomposting techniques, 
  • soil development,
  • aquaponics systems design & implementation,
  • custom-designed workshop/class topic and/or format to meet your needs

Garden Builds - Create garden systems to meet your needs and/or the needs of your community.

  • Farm to Fork initiatives for
    • restaurants,
    • colleges/universities,
    • non-profits,
    • hospitals,
    • municipalities, and
    • other institutions
  • Gardens for individuals/families looking to increase access to fresh, organic food while connecting to the earth

Farm Development (Organic/Permaculture Focused)  -  expert guidance tailored to your farming needs to ensure sustainability, effectiveness, and profitability.

  • Farm start-up for businesses looking for expert guidance to ensure profitability and effectiveness
  • Permaculture principals incorporated into your farming operations are good for the earth and for your bottom line

Youth Programs - Interactive, hands-on programming for youth from elementary school to college.

  • Entrepreneurial training via organic farming for teens
  • Leadership programming for all ages using outdoor and farming experiences
  • Special Education focused programming for children/youth/young adults with special needs using outdoor experiences and information.

Land Conservation Use - Expert guidance for conservation and sustainable use of land.