Maurice transforms the food landscape in north america via regional initiatives that create and rebuild local food systems

Maurice Small inherited his profound respect & love for the earth from his parents

This love for natural process and growth fuels Maurice's efforts to build community as he cultivates a regional and national vision for sustainable agriculture, healthy lifestyles in underserved communities & urban/rural collaboration between growers & vendors. Maurice works to transform the food landscape in North America via regional initiatives that create and rebuild local food systems. Maurice's success rests upon dynamic collaborations with counties, cities, community- and faith-based organizations, non-profits, schools, block watch groups, youth groups, and anyone with the will to transform their community. 

Maurice’s message of transformation and commitment to youth, soil and food has been shared with the following communities: Washington, D.C., Baltimore, MD, Pittsburgh, PA, Youngstown, OH, Cleveland, OH, Detroit, MI, Louisville, KY, Chicago, IL, Toronto, Canada, Wilmington, NC, Raleigh, NC, Durham, NC, Charlotte, NC, Greenville, NC and Atlanta, GA.  Maurice has also been heard on radio stations WCPN 90.3FM, WRUW 91.1FM, WCSB 89.3FM in Ohio & on Mississippi radio stations WJSU and WMPM.  He’s been featured in The Plain Dealer, The Free Press, Rodale News, Raleigh News & Observer, The Indie Weekly (North Carolina), WVIZ (Cleveland Public Television) & countless internet blogs.  Maurice’s photographic work was published in the 2008 publication of Instructions from The Cook: Recipes for New Conversations, by George Nemeth & Jack Ricchiuto. Maurice was awarded the Organic Pioneer Award by the Rodale Institute in its inaugural year, 2011.

Maurice’s work can be seen on his blog site: