Lindsey Carver in action at the farm.

Lindsey Carver in action at the farm.


Lindsey Carver

Current place of residence

Cary, NC, USA

What is your current occupation/work?

AmeriCorps Community Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator at The Conservation Fund

When and where did you work with Maurice?

August 2013 through December 2013 at 500 Hoke Street in Raleigh, NC

 For how long did you work with Maurice?

Five months (Once an intern, always an intern?)

 What kind of work did you do when you worked with Maurice?

Water catchment
Recycling found materials
Time with Ms. Thelma, including planting our row together
Rose bush trimming
Basil trimming
Community relationships
Donations from local companies
Donating supplies to community gardens
Building new gardens
Y Learning Garden
Longview School
Some more compost

What kind of growth/transformation happened for you (and/or for the people you served) because of your work with Maurice?

The words respect, community, and (brutal) honesty come to mind.

 How has working with Maurice benefitted you and/or uplifted you?

As a white, privileged member of the middle class, I have to be mindful of how I approach community work. Maurice helped me reflect on the reality of community food systems and where it might be appropriate and impactful for me to fit in. I am still figuring out my niche, but Maurice has been supportive along the way.

 What would you say to someone who is interested in working with Maurice in the future?

If you are unsure about committing to an internship, I would encourage you to try it. Even if you do not go on to do food systems work, Maurice offers a unique perspective on food and life that will no doubt impact you.

 Memories and Stories

I remember driving around in the old red truck and seeing how big a load we could carry. I remember both laughing and having serious conversations about race with Ms. Thelma.

 A Few Words…

Maurice approaches his work strategically with a goal in mind, but he knows how to garner community support and buy-in to promote change in a respectful manner.

Ms. Thelma, Maurice and the Red Truck

Ms. Thelma, Maurice and the Red Truck