Olivia Donnell Rowe


Current place of residence

Greensboro , NC


What is your current occupation/work?

I am a Research Technician in a Biotechnology Laboratory.


When and where did you work with Maurice and for how long?

Raleigh, NC 2013 (8 weeks)


What kind of work did you do when you worked with Maurice?

Garden planting’s, community outreach, installation of water catchment system, and community gardening.


What kind of growth/transformation happened for you (and/or for the people you served) because of your work with Maurice?

Maurice helped me to build relationships with community members. When we met I had just graduated high school and I was extremely shy. He always challenged me to speak in front of community members and make connections. I am grateful for those challenges because they helped me to grow personally and professionally.


How has working with Maurice benefitted you and/or uplifted you?

Working with Maurice made me a fierce competitor in the job market.


What would you say to someone who is interested in working with Maurice in the future?

Take the job! Don’t hesitate. He is an amazing individual. I completed my internship almost 5 years ago and Maurice and I still keep in touch. He has always been a great mentor to me. Accept the challenges he presents before you, it will build your character and work within in the end. Good luck!


Memories and Stories

I remember attending a local conference about agriculture with Maurice. During the conference the speaker began to talk about fracking. The speaker allowed for comments and Maurice stood up and gave a brief spill on his thoughts of fracking. He moved everyone in the room with his thoughts. I could tell from the obvious emotions on his face that fracking was something that brought him great frustration and pain. I always knew working with him was good for me after speaking with him via email and Skype prior to starting my internship, but in that moment I knew I was right where I needed to be. He helped me to further understand the meaning of passion. He’s just a phenomenal individual. We don’t have enough Maurice’s in this world. I am so grateful to have met him.